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THINGUY releases new music

These three new tracks mark the beginning of the musical/songwriting journey of ThinGuy. Earlier CD’s – Troubadouring and We are All As One – reflected his roots and grounding in and love of traditional and contemporary American folk/acoustic while borrowing elements of other musical genre like blues and pop. Now, even as he transitions from those earlier musical endeavors to a more up tempo, flashier and adventurous style, his songs continue to display carefully crafted lyrics and catchy melodies that are easy to remember and sing along to.

“Heartache City”, for example, is an uplifting, gladdening anthem to all those who suffer from a broken heart. Its final verse declaration that “You may even shout to the rafters ‘Thank God I’m free’ ” is meant to inspire hope and happiness to the disconsolate.

If your musical tastes are sometimes drawn to a Caribbean/Calypso/Island beat, then “Sweet Senorita” may help to satisfy those cravings. It’s a lyrical journey from the office to the sand and surf to the dance floor in three verses and includes a naughty but nice chorus.

With “Settle Down Heart” . ThinGuy has written a funky, light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek song where the head cautions the heart about the pitfalls of falling in love.

These songs showcase ThinGuy’s exemplary and superb song crafting as well as his addictive melodies. His easy to listen to storytelling delivered in his distinctive voice brings a fresh style and unique perspective to the independent music scene.